A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words or MORE

I’ve been quiet for a bit as I was away at the Radiant Reality IGNITE Retreat in Mexico.  I just have to say … WHAT. A. TRIP. IT. WAS!  

The Radiant Reality IGNITE Retreat was rich with emotions, insights, and radiant shifts that were part of the journey for each participant in crafting and IGNITING her up-leveled Radiant Reality Vision.

Our amazing photographer Monique Feil (moniquefeilphotography.com) took over 10,000 photos at the retreat!  If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine the book she just created with all her images!

I have not seen the full gallery yet, but from the sneak peeks I did see, she did an amazing job telling the story of self-love, positive energy, and openness that each of the retreat attendees experienced. 

Some of the women initially shied away from having their photos taken. Speaking messages of “I like to stay in the background” or “I don’t really like taking pictures” were eventually replaced with full-on smiles and sisterhood hugs as they looked directly into the camera as Monique excitedly captured their radiant glow.

The inner and outer transformations were palpable!  One of the retreat attendees sent me and my co-facilitator, Ana, a text each day sharing the main nugget from that day. Her message at the end of one day was “My energy and growth are happening right before my eyes. I feel the transformation and it is awe-inspiring!” 

We all saw the transformation happening too. It was evident as we looked at the sneak peek pictures each day. More and more there was a glow, a peace, and freedom that she “wore” on her face and in her body. She looked different to herself and to us.

Each one of the retreat participants experienced their own unique and beautiful transformation as a result of the daily practices, exercises, and reflections. I can’t wait to host this retreat again!   Ana and I are already working on our October plans. 

If you look at the snapshots of your life, what story are they telling? 

  • Are they telling a story of Joy? Fulfillment? Love?
  • Or, do they tell a story of Pain? Stuckness? Limitation? 

The thing is, you can be in the most beautiful place on earth, with a big smile on your face, but energetically you are not beaming happiness, joy, and gratitude from the inside out. As my photographer reminded me, you are merely making a smile with your mind. There is a HUGE difference that you just can’t fake!

If your photos are not telling the story that is in your heart and soul, please know that you can begin writing a new story today that is in alignment with your inner truth – in alignment with your heart and soul.

Here’s a short exercise to help you get started:

  1. Spend 20 minutes in your journal or with a blank piece of paper. In a quiet and reflective space, begin to listen. Listen to your inner desires and inner yearnings that are calling to you. 
  2. Write down whatever is coming up without filtering it. 
  3. Gaze softly at the page as you read your desires out loud. Read them slowly and mindfully.
  4. What desire is speaking to you most right now? Circle it. Highlight it. Put a star by it. Breathe it into every fiber of your body. 
  5. Close your eyes and see it done. See yourself already having, doing, or being it! Sit with those warm happy feelings. 
  6. Then, open your eyes and ask “I wonder what I can do today toward this desire?” Listen for what comes up. It might be a feeling, a word, or a vision. Write down whatever you experience without judgment. 
  7. Pick one item from your list and move into action. Take that first step!  

Each moment of your life is a choice to take a step toward your vision and fulfillment or not. Choose YOU, choose your Radiant Reality and watch what magic unfolds for you in the photos of your life!

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