Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: A Path to Radiant Living

The Wizard of Oz remains etched in my memory—a film that captivated me in my youth and accompanied me into motherhood. I recall the suspense of the flying monkeys pursuing Dorothy and the triumphant cheer as the house crushed the wicked witch. Yet, amid countless viewings, what resonated most was the revelation that Dorothy possessed the power within her to find her way home all along.

Little did I realize that life would lead me on a journey akin to Dorothy’s.

In early 2015, I embarked on my personal quest to Oz, seeking answers after battling breast cancer and navigating the aftermath of a 21-year marriage. The end of my marriage left me feeling akin to Dorothy—lost in an unfamiliar place, uncertain about reconnecting with the people I loved. The twist? The people I loved included myself.

We’re all on a quest to find our way home, each interpreting “home” uniquely.

It’s the core of our being, aligning with our heart’s desires, connecting to our soul, finding deep peace, and embracing ourselves as perfectly imperfect beings—free from judgment, comparison, and lack.

I, too, felt lost and disconnected from my home. It wasn’t solely about cancer or divorce; they were external manifestations of an internal struggle. A profound awakening hit me: my approach to living, leading, and achieving hindered my journey home. I was living in a home that wasn’t truly mine—an eye-opening realization.

This awakening redirected my life. I realigned with myself – my home, and, from this newfound alignment, forged a path of Radiant Achievement. Like Dorothy, I ventured down my own yellow brick road and discovered that home was within me all along, waiting for me to look inward, not outward.

While Radiant Achievement was born from my journey home to myself, it’s also a path available for you.

Radiant Achievement is a conscious path that celebrates and honors your unique self, sparking your innate radiance, health, and vibrancy. This path is not just about what it brings but also about what it omits—judgment, comparison, burnout, overwhelm, and self-doubt. It’s a path of conscious creation, where you recognize your role as co-creator of your reality, understanding that the journey matters as much as the destination.

Unlike paths laid out by others, the path of Radiant Achievement is one we build brick by brick. Dorothy followed the yellow brick road, only to discover a cowardly wizard behind a curtain. Have you ever followed a path and realized it wasn’t meant for you?

The path of Radiant Achievement is distinct. On this path, we align with our inner self-worth, reshape our mindset to one that is limitless and empowered, listen to our inner voice, take inspired action, commit to our highest purpose, engage in reflection, and incorporate rituals for mindfulness.

Now, it’s time for honest self-reflection. Are you chasing goals planted by others or tapping into your divine essence? How do you pursue these goals? Are you stuck in your head, worrying about the next steps, or achieving goals only to find dissatisfaction?

Let’s wake up to the reality that we are not at home with ourselves. Let’s acknowledge the hustle, the comparison, and the struggle. Then, my friend, let’s take a breath and commit to a new path—Radiant Achievement.

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