Authenticity – what does it really mean? It’s more than just who we are; it’s a choice we make in every moment. My perspective on authenticity has shifted over time, and it’s been liberating. I used to believe there was a fixed version of myself

Unlock Life-Changing Potential: Commitment Matters

There is a powerful energy here on the planet right now. We are all being called to elevate who we are being – more awareness, consciousness, healing, joy, abundance, fulfillment and success. To do this, we must remain committed to ourselves! The good news is, there is no one right way to do this. It is truly an individual thing that everyone has the opportunity to travel in a way that fits them best. I am excited to bring you an excerpt from my book “Radiant Achievement’ that offers up numerous additional practices and activities

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Triggered to Tranquil: Turning Uncertainty into Personal Growth

There’s an interesting thing that happens to us when we commit to a goal, dream or calling. “Things” will bubble up and bother us that we never seemed to notice before. What’s happening is that this new version we are stepping into is not compatible with some of our current thoughts, beliefs, conditioning, and especially unprocessed stuck emotions. I am seeing this with my journey of calling in/attracting my divine compatible soul mate! I have had TRIGGERS! Triggers don’t mean we can’t live with grace, ease, joy and flow. In fact it’s the opposite! These things

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What we need to know and remember about FLOW

Back at the end of August last year, while in Spain, I recorded a video that spoke about flowing toward our goals with inspired action vs. forcing action because we think we should be doing something. You can watch the 90-second video on my YouTube channel HERE if you haven’t seen it. My YouTube channel has a growing number of videos to help inspire your Radiant Life – be sure to hit SUBSCRIBE while you are there! Today, I’m revisiting the topic of FLOW vs. FORCE to share more insights, perspectives, and tools to help

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Wake Up to YOUR Heart Desires and Soul Callings

On my journey of reclaiming my life and reorienting to Radiant Achievement one of the key wake-ups was to wake up to where I was pursuing goals and dreams that were planted by my parents and society vs. my own heart desires and soul callings. There was a pretty profound difference that I am still stepping into! Where are you with this in your own life? Feeling stuck about our goals, dreams and life vision is not uncommon. Struggling to not only know but also follow our deeper desires, is something most everyone goes through

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