Authenticity – what does it really mean? It’s more than just who we are; it’s a choice we make in every moment. My perspective on authenticity has shifted over time, and it’s been liberating. I used to believe there was a fixed version of myself

Wake Up to Your Rhythm and Timing

There is one thing about the New Year that most of us don’t want to admit. By the end of January’s first week, we already feel we have failed. Whether we have blown our New Year resolutions, neglected to set any goals and intentions for the year, or are still unwinding and regrouping from all the holiday activities, the general vibe we may be getting from around us is that we are BEHIND! Typical to so much of what society tells us about modern-day life, we need to be off and running with hyper focus,

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Beyond the Yellow Brick Road: A Path to Radiant Living

The Wizard of Oz remains etched in my memory—a film that captivated me in my youth and accompanied me into motherhood. I recall the suspense of the flying monkeys pursuing Dorothy and the triumphant cheer as the house crushed the wicked witch. Yet, amid countless viewings, what resonated most was the revelation that Dorothy possessed the power within her to find her way home all along. Little did I realize that life would lead me on a journey akin to Dorothy’s. In early 2015, I embarked on my personal quest to Oz, seeking answers after

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Reflection Ritual that Breathes Renewed Energy Into Your Life

Every day presents an opportunity for reflection. This is especially true at the end or beginning of a new year or when we experience change in our lives. Change of year, season, or life experience brings a mix of emotions. On the one hand, we may feel grateful for the blessings in our life, and at the same time we may also be feeling the sting of missing the mark on certain goals and dreams. Where are you sitting right now? I hear you if you are like me, a mix of both! So, how

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Waking Up in 2024

Who doesn’t love a fresh start? That’s one of the benefits of a new year – we feel like we can start again with a clean slate. While this is true, how often do we start over with the same thoughts and beliefs we’ve carried for years? This year, we are being called to start in a new way. This may sound a bit blunt, my friend, but it’s time for us to WAKE UP! We all have been asleep in our lives in one way or another—areas where we are settling for “ok.” vs.

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