I’ve been quiet for a bit as I was away at the Radiant Reality IGNITE Retreat in Mexico.  I just have to say … WHAT. A. TRIP. IT. WAS!   The Radiant Reality IGNITE Retreat was rich with emotions, insights, and radiant shifts that were part

Turning Dreams Into Reality

We were born to dream, AND we were born to bring those dreams to life.  This month, a big dream of mine is becoming a reality: My first full-sized book is launching. I couldn’t be more excited to see this dream be realized. I embarked on this journey three years and nine months ago, and it is a bit surreal to think that the finish line is here!   With the final launch plans nearing completion, I found myself in a very reflective place. As I often do, I created a sacred pause to dive into

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What Is A Radiant Achiever?

A Radiant Achiever is a woman who wholeheartedly loves herself, listens to her intuition, puts her gifts and talents into action, and achieves the callings of her soul with joy, grace and ease.  She is a woman who lives life authentically, unapologetically and from the inside out.  A Radiant Achiever lives, leads and achieves by tapping into her inner power and wisdom.  Women such as Betty White, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams and my mom, are a few of the women I consider Radiant Achievers. If you have not read my What is Radiant Achievement blog,

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