Joy blooms where minds and hearts are open. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie We feel and experience joy in many ways – viewing the sunset, watching a child at play, receiving unconditional love from a pet, or achieving a goal. However, another type of joy is

What Is A Radiant Achiever?

A Radiant Achiever is a woman who wholeheartedly loves herself, listens to her intuition, puts her gifts and talents into action, and achieves the callings of her soul with joy, grace and ease.  She is a woman who lives life authentically, unapologetically and from the inside out.  A Radiant Achiever lives, leads and achieves by tapping into her inner power and wisdom.  Women such as Betty White, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams and my mom, are a few of the women I consider Radiant Achievers. If you have not read my What is Radiant Achievement blog,

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What is Radiant Achievement?

In order to speak to Radiant Achievement, I want to first address strategic achievement because the latter is how most of us have been programmed to operate. Set the goal. Achieve the goal. Repeat. Success is then defined by one’s ability to culminate the most repeats. Growing up, I was taught that if I wanted something bad enough, I needed to go out and get it myself. So, at age twelve, when I realized I wanted to do things and buy things that my parents weren’t able or willing to provide, I got my first

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