I’ve been quiet for a bit as I was away at the Radiant Reality IGNITE Retreat in Mexico.  I just have to say … WHAT. A. TRIP. IT. WAS!   The Radiant Reality IGNITE Retreat was rich with emotions, insights, and radiant shifts that were part

What is Radiant Achievement?

In order to speak to Radiant Achievement, I want to first address strategic achievement because the latter is how most of us have been programmed to operate. Set the goal. Achieve the goal. Repeat. Success is then defined by one’s ability to culminate the most repeats. Growing up, I was taught that if I wanted something bad enough, I needed to go out and get it myself. So, at age twelve, when I realized I wanted to do things and buy things that my parents weren’t able or willing to provide, I got my first

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How To Get Clear On Your Soul Callings

Mary Oliver once wrote, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” In 2018, Forbes published a Conference Board report showing that 53% of Americans were unhappy with their jobs. Enter COVID-19, and the Congressional Research Service documented that unemployment rates peaked at almost 15% in April 2020, plateauing at around 7% in December 2020. Pre-pandemic, over half of the population was unhappy with their professional lives, and present pandemic, nearly one out of every five people is without his or her livelihood.  These statistics are disheartening

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