Embrace Your Radiance

Personalized Coaching Paving the Way to Your Best Life

VIP Immersion Experience

This is a powerful, guided journey to gain clarity, peace, and progress on your most urgent topic that has been keeping you awake at night or feeling stuck.

This one-day VIP experience is for all of you—reconnect with your body, mind, and soul. It is a day when you step off the treadmill of life (and your “issue”) to, once and for all, ignite change.  It is a day where you unload and unpack all the heavy stuff and shine a light on who you truly are. Through transformative guidance, elevated solutions, and new perspectives, you will not only experience clarity and peace around your core topic but also elevate your life and what you desire to have, do, and be.

Frenzy To Flow

Awaken your path of Grace, Ease, and Joy in life and with achieving your goals.

FRENZY TO FLOW is a personal journey to awaken and reclaim your innate essence, power, and ability to not only achieve your dreams, but to achieve them with ease, joy, and flow. This program is about shifting beliefs, perspectives, and ways of being so that you can step out of the nonstop frenzy and into elevated ways of navigating life.

Radiant Reality Transformation

Live a new ‘turned on’ chapter of life on your terms — with peace, fulfillment, and radiance at the heart of it.

This transformational coaching and mentorship experience is for ambitious people who have spent decades putting others first and are finally ready to choose themselves, break through self-denial, and create a new radiant chapter of life — with joy and authenticity at the heart. Through this journey, you will rekindle the connection with yourself, redefine what success really means to you, and build an unbreakable confidence to take bold action on your deepest heart and soul-led goals. Your radiant, turned-on season of life starts right here.

guided by my signature Radiant Achievement framework

In my world, I know that each and every client has a different kind of radiant reality – that means there is no step-by-step or cookie cutter solution in my one-on-one programs. Instead, you will be guided by my signature Radiant Achievement body of work that acts as a guiding light to your own definition of radiance. Whether that’s experiencing more material success in your calling or starting a new business venture, strengthening your marriage or finding yourself again after divorce, rediscovering life after health crisis or simply finding more stillness in your every day — all of you and your grand dreams are welcome here.v

Authentic Self-worth


Inner Listening

Inspired Action




Case Study

Take a moment to imagine this...

Having been a coach for over 22 years, I’ve consistently sought growth opportunities through mentors, coaches, and various experiences. With this extensive journey in mind, I share the immense value and joy of working with Christine over the past three years.

When other coaches and mentors seemed unable to offer further insight, Christine has consistently stood out as a beacon of support. Each session with her remains a highlight of my week. Through her innate gifts and wealth of experience, Christine serves as a mirror, reflecting aspects of myself and my obstacles that my own mind may overlook.

Her remarkable listening skills and genuine care for my well-being and aspirations epitomize the essence of a master coach. Rather than dictating solutions, Christine adeptly guides me to uncover answers for myself. Regardless of where we are in our growth journey, Christine’s compassion and authentic mentorship style make her an invaluable partner for anyone striving to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

I cherish our partnership and eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration well into the future. Thank you, Christine, for your unwavering support and guidance.

– DB, Entrepreneur

Finally choose yourself and make your reality turned on and radiant again...

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Meet Your Guide, Christine

As a transformational coach and mentor, my mission is to help women reignite their radiance and reclaim their power to live a ‘turned-on’ life with compassion, authenticity, self-responsibility and non judgment.

I know what it’s like to spend decades putting everything and everyone else first, yet it wasn’t until the catalytic rock bottom of cancer and divorce that I was forced to find stillness within. It was here that I embarked on a journey to redefine what success meant for me in this mid-life season. This program is the all-encompassing kind of support I wish I had when I started this life-changing chapter of my story.

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