Amplify Your Radiant Leadership E-Course

Find your courage
during difficult times.

Significant events can happen at any moment and change our lives dramatically, but we don’t need to wait for the dust to settle to consciously pinpoint the opportunities. We can have fresh starts when we are open and willing to live from the inside out.

Access your authentic ability to lead others.

It is natural for change to invoke feelings of uncertainty, frustration, and a sense of “stuck-ness.” Most of the time, it’s not easy. While there are handfuls of emotions to face during significant change, there are also a plethora of opportunities for you to grow, give support, invoke new ways of being, and open up new paths toward your callings.

My FREE e-course, delivered through my Radiant Achiever lifestyle app, will support you in stepping into this expanded role as a Radiant Leader against the backdrop of change.

Each module includes video, audio, journal questions, and downloadable worksheets that can be done self-paced from your phone or tablet.

How to Access “Amplify Your Radiant Leadership” E-Course

  1. Download the Radiant Achiever App by clicking on the app store icon
  1. Sign up for a free membership
  2. From the App home page, click TRACK NOW and enter code “700000” 
  3. Select CONTINUE to go to the App home page
  4. Click on the main menu in the top left corner and select COURSES from menu

Intentions & Outcomes

What You Will Experience

  • Learn and embrace the core powers of Radiant Achievement (learn more here)
  • Find inspiration to be a light of hope and encouragement as a visible leader for others and your communities
  • Move from overwhelm and self-doubt to an empowered mindset and deeper expression of your worth
  • Step into your most authentic self, and reclaim your power to create your future
  • Access tools and resources that will allow you to live in an empowered place during any crisis


What You Will Learn

  • Explore the gift, message or project that you are feeling inspired to bring to the world – or your tribe, community, or family – during this critical time
  • Get clear on distractions that get you off course
    Assess your willingness to change and adapt
  • Understand the new paradigm that is available to you now
  • Ignite your inner Power of Mindset
  • Learn how to identify and eliminate beliefs and stories that are holding you back
  • Strengthen your sense of self-worth with gratitude
  • Ignite your “Power of Inspired Action”
  • Clear blocks that have you stuck in having it all figured out
  • Up-level your “Power of Commitment”
  • Make progress toward your intention with a call to action
  • Learn how community can amplify your progress and impact
  • Take steps to be part of a NEW empowered community
  • Ignite your vision for your future and who you are here to support

What People Are Saying

“I’m so grateful to have found this course. It came just when I needed it most - to help me navigate these unprecedented times. Though my life had come to a screeching halt, Christine's course supported me to feel more hopeful and embrace new strategies to get to the other side of this challenge. This program is truly remarkable during this crisis but each concept will benefit me long after this crisis is over.”

Alicia Ashley, MA, Transformational Life, and Trauma Coach

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