Creating Your Magnetic & Radiant Life

Creating Your Magnetic & Radiant Life


April 18, 2023    
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Are you living your most radiant life? Are you attracting the things you truly desire?

Join this special LIVE workshop facilitated by Leadership-Lifestyle mentor Christine Howard and CEO and Founder of the Mindful Online Gym, Ana Nieto.

We will share powerful transformational tools and practices that will allow you to be more present and magnetic so you can attract anything you want and desire in your life.

In this LIVE interactive workshop, you will:

-Feel the strongest, most confident, sexy, and powerful you’ve ever experienced

-Deeply embody the goals, dreams, and callings you are pursuing

-Ignite your inner radiance and experience more grace, ease, joy, and flow

-Immerse in our upcoming Spain retreat and learn how it will support you in manifesting the life you desire

Learn more about Ana at .

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