"I loved working with Chris! She is a warm and encouraging spirit and has great insights in her coaching. Working with Chris I was able to see a real shift, especially in my confidence. She truly embodies the Radiant Achievement she teaches!"

Michelle Dransart, Wildflower Studio: Photography & Empowerment Life Coaching for Women

"Christine is very centered, thorough and fun. She is a very dynamic leader."

Sharon Hinckley, Artist

"Thank you for your amazing Radiant Achievement VIP program. My expectations were exceeded! I was able to move past roadblocks that I have been holding on to for way too long. You helped me to find my own power and gave me a doable plan of action."

Heather, Business Owner

"Christine is a thoughtful, caring, insightful coach with a strong commitment and dedication to help me (and others) create an empowered life. She is an excellent listener and a supportive pro at analyzing/noticing energy within to assist with channeling desires and dreams into action.Im so grateful to Chris for helping me peel back the layers of self discovery and also to create a new path."

Bryan, Independent Consultant

"I realized that visioning is an important basis to start with in order to create and achieve your goals. I was able to connect with the FEELINGS of my vision. Now that I have a strong connection to my purpose I know any setback I face will be manageable. I see how important the visioning activities are."

Judy Loe, Thrive with Judy

"Christine Howard will give you the inspired, empowering insights of one who has truly found the calling of her life. She will provide you the tools to access the powers of RADIANT ACHIEVEMENT ... bringing greater ease to your actions and brilliance to your results."

Marsh Engle, Marsh Engle Media

"Christine Howard is an awesome speaker! I've had the pleasure to see her in action on a number of occasions, and she's a compelling, inspiring and articulate speaker. A shining example of a radiant feminine leader! I highly recommend Christine!"

Rebecca Massoud, founder Speak, Shine, Sell

"Christine’s course was so helpful to me in many ways. Most importantly, it reminded me to stop pushing so hard to reach my goals and, instead to trust and allow things to flow through me and in their own time—attracting versus forcing. She inspired me to move forward with excitement and curiosity about the journey itself. I’m so grateful!"

Tambra Wayne, founder OM Matters

"Christine's course on Amplify your Radiant Leadership helped me build the confidence I needed to improve my business marketing strategies and digital voice. Her passion and constant reminders that we are all great leaders ready to shine are truly inspiring. I would highly recommend Christine's course to anyone who needs to tap into their inner leadership power."

Angelic Ingram, Mindfulness Coach

“It’s only Day 1 and I already experienced 3 shifts in how I think about things. Excited to practice them and see what the rest of the week brings!”

May 2022 Retreat Attendee
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