Radiant Entrepreneur MASTERMIND

Up-level your impact and success in life & business.

Radiant Entrepreneurship utilizes the intrinsic work of Radiant Achievement and calls for us to unleash the most authentic version of ourselves into the world in our entrepreneurial journey.

Step into your power.

Bringing your calling to life as an entrepreneur can be both terrifying and exhilarating! It can be a place where you question your power and ability to manifest your vision. When not addressed in a full-powered way, we often find ourselves defaulting to over-control and overwork.  This conditioned reaction no longer has to be the case. 

In the Radiant Entrepreneur Mastermind, we guide you to step into your full power as a leader and business woman by approaching entrepreneurship and manifesting from a higher level perspective that goes WAY BEYOND your To Do list. Approaching entrepreneurship in a new, holistic and high energy way while safely supporting you to be your most authentic self allows you the full freedom to experience joy, fulfillment, and freedom as you co-create your reality. 

As a community, we come together as Radiant Souls, each having said yes to living and expressing our unique essence in an unapologetic way. The women in this community are open to new mindsets and approaches that honor their full essence allowing them to live in grace, ease, joy and flow as they achieve their highest personal and professional aspirations. 

Core needs we address


In yourself, in the value you provide, and your influence as a leader


Of your purpose and vision, your intentions, mindset, and manifesting techniques


In saying yes & taking inspired action, applying transformational practices  supporting your growth


Of like-minded women encouraging and support you for who you uniquely are, with a collaborative mindset

Intentions & Outcomes

What You Will Experience:

  • Honest support in manifesting your business vision and your impact as a leader
  • Accountability, encouragement, inspiration, and recommendations specific to your needs as you seek to achieve your goals
  • Guidance for the inner-work and reclaiming your personal powers while you take outer actions
  • High vibration tools, techniques and perspectives that transform how you show up in your life and entrepreneurial efforts
  • An empowering and encouraging community environment where you can feel safe to explore and expand as an entrepreneur
  • Teachings from high vibration leaders in business, mindfulness, and more.

Format Details


  • Small-group setting (max of 8 women per circle)
  • Two 90-minute live online meetings per month
    • Structured agenda
    • Equal time to share and ideate
  • Email support between meetings
  • Monthly teaching topic
  • Monthly guest speaker (in addition to the two meetings)
  • Interview on the Radiant Achiever Show (visible on YouTube and the Radiant Achiever app)
  • Referral bonus for future masterminds or private coaching

Leadership-Lifestyle mentor
soul-calling catalyst

Meet Christine

Hi. I’m Christine Howard.

I’ve spent the last two decades dedicated to creating transformative products and services to help women awaken to their soul-centered callings. This passion was sparked by the many years I spent ignoring my own. By the time I turned 50, I could feel the pull of my heart from the many dreams I had silenced – to create family traditions, to take more solo family vacations, to do service in my community, to learn how to ballroom dance – and I committed to Radiant Achievement, an approach to achievement that shifts us from frenzy to flow (you can learn more here [link to “What is Radiant Achievement?” page]). In the process, I started my own businesses and developed curricula for women to feel empowered in starting their own.

getting started

Your Commitment

Email christine@christinemariehoward.com for next enrollment date.

$333/month* with a 9 month commitment
* Pay in full bonus available

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