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Your Up-Leveled Life Vision and
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Let’s Ignite them Together

Are you ready for seven days and seven nights that will change your life? Seven days of white sand beaches, cool ocean breezes, and transformational self-discovery that will reignite your joy and passion for living life on your terms?

Nestled in the picturesque Bay of Banderas, this intimate women’s retreat invites you to relax, revive and recalibrate, all while basking in the luxurious natural beauty of Mexico’s sparkling Pacific coast.

In the serenity of this sacred site, you will gain clarity on what is no longer serving you, rediscover what it is you truly desire, and re-energize your life, inside and out.

Every step of the Radiant Reality & Mindful Movement Retreat is carefully designed to activate and nurture your highest potential while bringing your body, mind, and spirit back into harmonious alignment.

Join us and our amazing group of like-minded women to learn how to break free from self-imposed constraints and use your manifesting superpowers – your powerful magnetic presence to create the world you want to live in—your own unique Radiant Reality.

Who is this Retreat For?​

Are you ready to THRIVE on your own terms, but aren’t sure how, or what that even looks like? Then you’re in the right place. The Radiant Reality & Mindful Movement Retreat is for the ambitious, highly motivated woman who wants to:

Let Go:

  • Of behaviors and patterns that have been holding you back
  • Of toxic relationships and self-defeating thought processes
  • Of the emotional and spiritual baggage that keeps you feeling stuck


  • Your ability to manifest the things you want in this life
  • Your ability to make decisions that truly benefit who you are at your core
  • Your personal, physical, and emotional power


  • The calm and ease of a life that’s in flow with the world around you
  • The joy of feeling free and confident in your body
  • The next exciting steps on your personal journey!

Awakening the Body:

The stronger your connection with your physical body, the stronger you can connect with your spirit.

Your physical health and wellness are the foundation from which your spiritual growth can blossom. Throughout the retreat, you will be invited to reconnect with your body, unlock your power, and experience more confidence and comfort in your own skin.

Combining mindful movements and workouts, and delicious, thoughtfully prepared meals from locally sourced clean ingredients, the retreat is also focused on nourishing and honoring your physical body to facilitate even greater spiritual growth.

Awakening Mind & Spirit:

One of the greatest acts of courage and love is to live the life your heart and soul desire you to live. 

From high vibrational practices to transformational energy experiences and sacred ceremonies, the Radiant Reality & Mindful Movement Retreat offers five days of progressive inner work that breaks down the barriers to receptivity and guides you toward clarity, calm, and purpose.  

As you move through the progressive phases of inner work, you will find yourself awakening to your calling with a renewed sense of direction and a deeper commitment to building the life your soul has been yearning to live.

Now is the Time to Create Your New Future

The last few years have taken a toll on all of us. Everywhere you look, you see people who are mentally drained, physically exhausted, and spiritually depleted.

The world feels like a dark place right now. So how do we start to make a shift. How do we turn on the light? Where do we even begin?

We become the light.

The change we all want to see in the world doesn’t come from telling others how to act, how to be, or how to relate to one another. It comes from within. It comes from tapping into our own unique ability to bring joy, balance, and light into our own lives.

When you decide to be the light in your own life, that light naturally radiates out to everyone you meet, touch and work with. This is how real change begins. And it begins right here at the Radiant Reality™ & Mindful Movement Retreat.


  • You’ll work directly with Christine and Ana in small group settings
  • Nurture yourself in a fun environment, listening to your soul and let your dreams and desires soar
  • Expand your awareness through masterfully guided inner work, movement, meditation, and healing ceremonies
  • Create a deep sense of connection and community with others who are walking a similar path of reconnection with self 
  • Balance of inner work and outer fun in a luxurious setting
  • Enjoy plenty of free time to rejuvenate at the spa, in the cabanas, or on the beach at the gorgeous resort grounds
  • Jump-start your nutritional habits to align with your up-leveled life vision
  • Experience mindful movement that energizes your body, mind, and spirit

the venue

The Grand Luxxe Resort at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is the setting for the Radiant Reality™ & Mindful Movement retreat. With towers of lavish accommodations built along the breathtaking bluffs of the Ameca River, Grand Luxxe at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is a paragon of luxury living. What better place to vision your new reality! We can’t say enough about this resort – it is truly a magical property!

Your free time at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta is an opportunity to experience new things, explore the culture of Mexico, or soak up the sun in paradise. The resort offers a wide variety of activities to try as well as a variety of beautiful pools and water features to explore.

The retreat is set up so you can enjoy your interests at your own pace.

Retreat Experience and Accommodations

The transformational value and friendships you will make at the Radiant Reality™  & Mindful Movement Retreat are both timeless and priceless.

As a retreat guest, you will stay in a SHARED two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom suite including a full kitchen, dining area, living room, two jacuzzi tubs, and outdoor deck with a private pool. Concierge service including morning coffee and tea. Exclusive areas are designated just for Grand Luxxe guests.

Based on the room selected, you will have the master room to yourself, or you will share a large room with another attendee. The common areas will be shared by up to three attendees.

Room Options

Goddess Luxxe

King Master room solo for the gal wanting luxury and privacy

Private bathroom

Transfers from PVR airport

All retreat amenities listed below

$6,997 PIF

$7,497 w/ 3 payment plan

Contact me for payment plan details.

Goddess Buddy

King Master room shared

Private bathroom

Transfers from PVR airport

All retreat materials

Access to pools, gym, spa

$5,997 PIF

$6,497 w/ 3 payment plan

Contact me for payment plan details.

Goddess Supreme

Two double beds

Shared bathroom

Transfers from PVR airport

All retreat materials

Access to pools, gym, spa

$5,997 PIF

$6,497 w/ 3 payment plan

Contact me for payment plan details.

what’s included

what’s Not included

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Take your retreat experience and results to the next level with additional VIP time and treatments!

Let’s take your ignited vision and INITIATE that expanded version of you with some additional one on one time. This is where it becomes practical, applicable, and real. You will be supported to ground into and begin to experience your new up-leveled vision & magnetic presence.

Radiant Reality™ & Mindful Movement INITIATION VIP upgrade includes:

One 80-minute luxury spa treatment at Grand Luxxe exclusive Spatium Spa

VIP coaching session during lunch with Christine and Ana at an exclusive resort location

Paid transfers to the PVR airport

Full set of retreat photos

VIP Upgrade: $750

Your Facilitators

Christine & Ana

When Christine and Ana reconnected “post-pandemic” it was clear that there was a deeper alignment between the two of them than before. While they deliver their work in different ways, they realized that the core of our mission and message was very much the same.

Also, both their fathers passed away within a week of each other It felt like they were working together to help Ana and Christine reconnect and make amazing retreats where we can help our attendees go through incredible transformations.

Moreover, they discovered their birthdays are the 30th of June and December respectively, mid-year and end of the year. And, if you are into Human Design, they share the same life theme!

And yes, they really like each other and work amazingly well together, combining each other’s strengths and complementing each other’s weaknesses. The result is powerful offerings that take their work with the attendees to the next level.

We look forward to helping you create your up-leveled Radiant Reality™ and increase your divine connection to your mind, body, and spirit for your highest level of fulfillment and success!” Christine & Ana


Christine Howard

Personal challenges with early-stage breast cancer and a looming divorce became Christine’s wake-up call not to live life in the day-planner. Pausing to reevaluate every aspect of who she was and what she believed, she discovered a brand-new way of relating to herSELF with honor, love, and authenticity.

Her inner work cleared the path to what she calls Radiant Achievement, which is also the topic of her best-selling book and mobile app, where she teaches the art of success without sacrifice. “Step out of frenzy and into flow” is one of the core mantras Christine teaches, speaks, and writes about in her business. Not just a tagline; it is part of who she intentionally shows up as every day.


Ana Nieto

From a young age, Ana knew she wanted to help people, originally wanting to become a physical therapist and ending with studying nursing in Spain. What Ana discovered as a nurse is that while she loved making a difference in her patients’ lives, she was disappointed in the approach of conventional health care. Frustrated with seeing conventional medicine treating only the symptoms but not the body as a whole, Ana decided on a change in her path.

When arriving in New York City, she discovered a particular type of exercise called SuperSlow. Using this method, she only worked out for 30 minutes once a week. Within three months, Ana saw amazing results making no changes in her diet. Not only did she notice the loss of fat, muscle gain, and improved athletic performance, but she noticed how good her body was feeling including the disappearance of her back pain from childhood scoliosis. For the first time, Ana was able to beat her own father at tennis and received comments from her mother about her posture change.


Frequently Asked Questions

The first retreat session starts on Sunday October 30 in the morning around 8 am.  The exact time will be communicated closer to the retreat day.

The formal retreat sessions end on Thursday, November 3rd with a closing dinner.

You will have a full day Friday, November 4th to enjoy the resort on your own (or with a new friend) prior to your departure on Saturday, November 5th. 

This intimate retreat is for 12 women based on how rooms are selected.

As this is a women-only retreat, your spouse will kindly not be able to attend.

Yes, as long as they are a participant in the event. The more the merrier!  It is especially powerful to have a friend on the same journey of up-leveling as you!

We will take your request for the type of roommate you desire and do our best to match roommates based on needs and desires. If you are coming with a friend, you will be put in a room with them unless you request otherwise.

It is recommended you arrive at PVR airport by 3 pm to allow time for transfers, check-in, and so you have time to get settled and acclimated to the property.

PVR International Airport (Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport is an international airport in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.)

Early bird pricing ends at midnight on Monday, August 15th.

Resort check-in starts at 4 pm.

Resort checkout is at 10 am however you can stay at the resort enjoying all amenities until you need to leave for the airport. Your luggage can be held with the concierge.

The resort has our well-being as its highest priority and has implemented numerous protocols to assure this. Their current company policies and can be found on Additionally, onsite Covid testing will be scheduled into our itinerary prior to departure to meet any current airline requirements.

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