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I am a leadership and lifestyle coach with over twenty years of experience in entrepreneurship and a lifetime of experiences with facing adversity and learning to listen to my soul callings.

Find your why and say yes.

As women, we face a lot of pressure to have it all together. We have been told so many stories in our lifetime. Stories of us being too much or not enough, stories of us being told to stand in the background in silence or to demonstratively “grab the bull by the horns.” The stories are so often mis-aligned, and therefore, chaotic.

I believe that there is a way to step away from this frenzy and to step into flow. It’s called Radiant Achievement (read more about it here). And I have spent my life devoted to coaching and speaking on this topic so that women can access their authentic self and achieve their most fulfilled life with grace and ease.

Past Events

  • Marsh Engle: Conversations With Amazing Women
  • The Alyssa B. Jackson Podcast “Quitters”
  • The Talk of San Diego hosted by Nadirah Bray
  • Self-Love Sisterhood hosted by Jennifer Escalera
  • Female Fat-Loss Summit hosted by Kellee Rutley
  • Your Wealth Hour hosted by Ryan White and Karen Kaseno, ESPN 1700 AM Radio
  • 30 Minute Mom (TV Channel 6 News Segment)

Signature Keynotes

It’s time for a radical departure from the ways we have been creating success. In this 20-minute talk, I share the three essential shifts to discover true fulfillment, bold actions that can immediately transform the ways we have been settling for less than our most authentic selves. It’s here that we discover ways to let go and take a stand in order to create the life we are meant to live!

In this highly experiential introductory talk, I show you the 5 SIMPLE STEPS that can immediately shift how you show up in your professional and personal lives, paving the way for a more confident, radiant you! It is here that I engage with audience members to educate them on the power and impact of a morning ritual, teach them why self-love is important first thing in the day, and guide them to experience the power of this process first hand.

Women have risen up in bold ways, answering the callings of their souls by launching their own businesses. Unfortunately, many passionate female entrepreneurs are challenged with growing their impacts because they are operating under outdated cultural norms. In this talk, I share how you can live a new way, where you achieve your soul’s calling without sacrificing your life. You will learn three steps you can take immediately to grow your soul’s purpose by magnifying your fire, deepening your trust, and amplifying your capacity to receive without having to do all the push-hard, work-hard strategies. 


  • Three powerful practices to shift your business and soul-calling journey from struggle to ease and joy
  • How to deepen your connection to your calling so that opportunities will be drawn to you that positively impact your bottom line
  • How to tap into one of your most powerful inner-powers that eliminates the need to find that one perfect guru
  • What question to ask yourself so that you continue to up-level your impact from a place of integrity

More than ever before, women are hearing a calling to become the makers of their own histories!  But in order to truly create an empowered destiny, we must learn new ways to achieve, one that sets aside relentless striving and stressing based on process and outcomes (what I call strategic achievement). The hard truth is that this approach has many of us caught in a cycle of overwork, exhaustion, and denial. I want to help you break the cycle. In this talk, I provide you with a pioneering, innovative approach to achievement – what I call Radiant Achievement – that takes you to the crossroads between being and doing. It is here that you can easily access the core of your radiance to move your callings to the next level, giving yourself unbridled permission to make your own history and create a radiant life inspired from the heart of your soul-centered callings.

In this talk, the audience will: 

  • Awaken an understanding that to be a Radiant Achiever is your natural essence
  • Find ways to honor your callings and create Soul-Centered Fulfillment
  • Learn the inner powers to live a fulfilling and joyful life
  • Discover why it is the perfect time to own your power as a Radiant Achiever

Your mindset shapes your reality.  Many people confuse having an empowered mindset with “positive thinking.” This isn’t exactly right. Mindset encompasses all your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, others, and the world. These thoughts and beliefs affect how you show up in the world – your actions, your emotions, and ultimately, your results. Getting conscious about your operating mindsets and proactively programming your thoughts toward empowerment is key to being able to not just survive but also THRIVE in any environment. 

In this talk, the audience will:

  • Gain an understanding of what mindset is and how it works to create our realities
  • Understand the freedom and power you have to be the leader of your thoughts and beliefs
  • Identify initial steps to harnessing the “Power of Mindset” through awareness and non-judgmental observation
  • Proactively identify key thoughts that will support empowerment, success, movement, and thriving in any environment
  • Learn a simple process that supports the implementation, embodiment, and ongoing refinement of new thoughts and beliefs

"Christine Howard is an awesome speaker! I've had the pleasure to see her in action on a number of occasions, and she's a compelling, inspiring and articulate speaker. A shining example of a radiant feminine leader! I highly recommend Christine!"

Rebecca Massoud, founder, Speak, Shine, Sell
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