Wake Up to YOUR Heart Desires and Soul Callings

On my journey of reclaiming my life and reorienting to Radiant Achievement one of the key wake-ups was to wake up to where I was pursuing goals and dreams that were planted by my parents and society vs. my own heart desires and soul callings. There was a pretty profound difference that I am still stepping into! Where are you with this in your own life?

Feeling stuck about our goals, dreams and life vision is not uncommon.

Struggling to not only know but also follow our deeper desires, is something most everyone goes through in their life. And, in our own way, we are faced with the proverbial fork in the road where we must choose (even if just unconsciously) which path we are going to take – do we stay with the status quo life or do we go for the gold of what is truly calling to us?

No matter where you are on this scale, there is something you can consciously do to get clarity on not only your true desires but also to know what you desire to do about this right now. 

The first part of this journey is to understand and wake up to the fact that we were taught to look externally for what we should have/do/be! Through our parents, school, and society, we were “given” a set of goals and dreams we should aspire to achieve. For some, it was the college degree, steady job, or the partner-house-kids-picketfence dream. For others, it was learning a trade, renting an apartment, and finding that special someone to spend the rest of our lives with. And many other flavors. We were conditioned about our livelihood, relationships, home, vacation/fun, how we should help in our community (or get help from our community), and so much more. So, here we are, pursuing goals from this story and not our own. How does that feel?

The next part of our journey is to get present to how we are really feeling about our life and especially about the goals we are pursuing.

It’s not so much about WHAT we are achieving but really HOW WE FEEL! This is something else we need to wake up to. Our feelings matter and are here as a pulse of how life is going. So, it’s time to get real with yourself. How ARE you feeling about your life and the things you are pursuing? Does life feel like one big grind? Or do you also feel moments of joy, fulfillment, or pleasure?

Once you have clarity of your feelings, you will have a sense where you have the opportunity to make adjustments. This is the next step. Feeling blue, frustrated, angry, resentful – great! Get into inquiry about what this is telling you. This may not be easy at first but if you do this with love and compassion for yourself, you will come to not only receive the message but to appreciate how your feelings are here FOR YOU.

Here’s the truth – no feeling is wrong or bad; it’s simply information you can use to adjust your life and the goals you are pursuing.

You may even learn that you need to take more responsibility for your life, as I learned so poignantly! What key messages are you getting from this reflection?

Now, for the final step, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Taking all this information in, what do you most desire to have, do, or be right now? What would that look and feel like? Write it down and sketch it out in bullet form with a description of what that intention would look like fully manifested. Write it in the present tense with “I am,” “I have,” or any “I” statement that resonates with you. Bring as much clarity to your desire as you can right now. This is your beautiful starting point to wake up and hear what your heart and soul are calling you to do!

Congratulations on having taken some essential steps to honor your deeper desires. Return to this exercise often until you feel a full body YES for your goal, dream, or desire.

I’d love to hear what came up for you from this exercise. Drop a comment below or email me at christine@christinemariehoward.com, and I will celebrate this next step with you!

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