Waking Up in 2024

Who doesn’t love a fresh start? That’s one of the benefits of a new year – we feel like we can start again with a clean slate. While this is true, how often do we start over with the same thoughts and beliefs we’ve carried for years? This year, we are being called to start in a new way.

This may sound a bit blunt, my friend, but it’s time for us to WAKE UP!

We all have been asleep in our lives in one way or another—areas where we are settling for “ok.” vs. what our heart desires. There are situations in our lives we have turned a blind eye to and have become complacent about change. In some places, we have buried our heads in the sand, saying, “There’s nothing I can do about this or that.”

This year, let’s call BS on the status quo. Let us commit to waking up and seeing the thoughts, ideas, actions, habits, people, conditioning, beliefs, and routines holding us back from living our most expressed, radiant, joyful, peaceful, prosperous, and turned-of-life! In doing this, we will automatically step more fully into co-creating the life we truly desire to live in whatever way is important to us! This is our Radiant Reality.

Over the next twelve months, I will be sharing topics, ideas, and ways we can wake up more in our lives to become even more conscious co-creators. Are you game for this? I know I am!

What wake-up calls have you experienced in your life so far? How did they shift you to live life more fully? 

Maybe it was due to the passing of a loved one or perhaps a health scare. For me, I experienced two big Wake-Up Calls very close together – breast cancer and divorce. I speak about it in my book Radiant Achievement.  When these two events happened, I was shocked. My world turned upside down. Everything I believed and held dear to me was shaken or taken away. I could no longer see life the way it was – there was a new lens I was given – that of a single woman.

Wake Up Calls snap us into another level of awareness and consciousness. While this happens automatically when something significant happens, we can also consciously wake ourselves up! We do this by intending to see life from a new perspective. We do this by beginning to ask, “Is this true?”

So, as we start this new year, let us set the intention to wake up in new ways and implement our first wake-up call!  Here it is – let’s wake up to the fact that we are beings whom our families, schools, media, society, and churches have conditioned. Who we are now is the collective conditioning of our lives up to this point. And there is nothing wrong with this or us! A key part of waking up is acceptance without judgment, fear, or shame.

So today, let’s not only set an intention to live a life more “awake” than we did last year, but let’s wake up in three ways:

  1. Where we are right now is due to the collective accumulation of all our thoughts, ideas, hurts, actions, and beliefs up to this point in time.
  2. We can shift who we are by questioning our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.
  3. We are the co-creators of our lives and can consciously choose new thoughts, beliefs, and actions that align with our vision for our lives.

Cheers to an amazing year ahead filled with MANY wake up calls on our path to the joy, love, peace, fulfillment, prosperity, relationships, expansion, and authenticity we desire to experience every day.

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