What we need to know and remember about FLOW

Back at the end of August last year, while in Spain, I recorded a video that spoke about flowing toward our goals with inspired action vs. forcing action because we think we should be doing something. You can watch the 90-second video on my YouTube channel HERE if you haven’t seen it. My YouTube channel has a growing number of videos to help inspire your Radiant Life – be sure to hit SUBSCRIBE while you are there!

Today, I’m revisiting the topic of FLOW vs. FORCE to share more insights, perspectives, and tools to help you experience less frenzy and force and, instead, more FLOW moments in your life.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that I’m in a place of inquiry and change regarding new business opportunities. I will say that during this inquiry time, my FLOW has been very SLOW and a bit of a start/stop. This has not always been comfortable for me!  Although I’ve been itching for things to be “done,” I know and see how everything IS moving forward, just not how my organized mind envisioned it.

Right now, I’m reminded of some important core nuggets about FLOW! These are the things I want to share with you today with the intention they can help your journey, too.


If you prefer to watch instead do read, I have a video for you below:


  1. Flow is that state of movement forward or toward something (like our goals and dreams) that happens with grace and ease, sometimes without much effort.
  2. Flowing toward your goals may be a new idea and concept that goes against existing conditioning that you need to “make” things happen and “should” be taking action constantly. Open your awareness and mindset to grace and ease.
  3. Flow cannot be forced. In fact, when we are forcing something, we are simultaneously blocking flow.
  4. We open ourselves to flow when we trust and believe we will receive guidance, next steps, and support in divine time.
  5. During our day, we can pause to acknowledge and celebrate the occurring flow, no matter how small. This brings more flow moments to our day and life.
  6. If things are not flowing, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong or that we are doing something wrong. Sometimes, we need to prime the pump again! Simply step back from the situation and take a fresh look at things from a place of curiosity.
  7. Asking “I wonder” questions is a powerful tool to use to prime the pump. This inquiry allows us to tap into our inner wisdom and creative brain and open up to new possibilities, perspectives, and next steps. This often gets us back into flow.
  8. When things still do not seem to be flowing, the answer may be to step away from the project and see what other things in our lives are calling our attention. Perhaps we are being called to recommit to our health, finances, or a key relationship. I have seen this firsthand during my time right now! I have made some key changes with my health and finances that feel amazing, and I see that this perceived lull in the flow of my business goals gave me space to address these other core intentions of mine.
  9. Flow does not have one speed – it will vary, and that’s OK.  Nothing is wrong if we experience ebbs and flows in our flow! Our go, go, go culture is used to one speed – FULL SPEED, but that’s not how it works for flow. We will have natural cycles and changes in how much flow we are experiencing, and the best thing to do is be non-judgemental about it.
  10. A few key ways to help support flow every day: get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, meditate, move your body in ways that enliven it, get fresh air, take breaks throughout your day, eat healthy (veggies, please) and give yourself a big dose of self-love!

Which of these FLOW insights did you need to hear today? How can this list support you in experiencing more FLOW in a key project, goal, or intention you have for this week, month, or year? Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

I can’t wait to tell you more about all that is unfolding from my journey. I can tell you this: it includes a trip to an Oscar party on March 10th. Stay tuned for more announcements soon!


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